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We congratulate you for the incredibly good taste you have displayed in visiting our site.

This is a place where you can look at the images which we can produce when we put our minds to it! We can't promise that all of them will be stunning, but we have chosen those which we think you may find interesting.

We have chosen to specialise in four categories of image making and you will find this output in their respective Galleries. We are enthusiastic amateurs but we trust you will respect the copyright legislation which surrounds all original works, in whatever form. Details of how you can obtain permission to use any of these images can be found under the Permissions tab.

Sheila Child is a Nikon fan having finally converted from 35mm film to digital in 2013. She now uses a Nikon D7000 supported by two telephoto lenses, 18-105mm and 55-300mm plus an 85mm macro lens. Her photographic interests are principally mini creatures, owls and raptors, close-ups and wildlife. She is beginning to dip a toe into the world of microphotography but she knows there is still a lot to learn. Sheila has had a number of her images selected for publication through competitions and in subject specific magazines.

Paul J. Child was originally a Canon man using a 300D EOS supported with two telephoto lenses, 18-55mm and 90-300mm. He has now converted to a Nikon D7100. His main interests are landscape, events and record photography. He is striving to be more creative in his work but realises that this may take a bit of a leap of faith from his usual modus operandi.

We hope you will take a look and enjoy what you see.

Sheila and Paul J. Child
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